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Types of Classes

What kind of classes are waiting for you at F2 Pilates Studio? 

F2 Pilates


If you are new  to the reformer pilates, join the Beginner (Kezdő) type of class for a few occasions. You will get familiar with the reformer pilates machine, the principles of pilates as well as the basic exercises.

All Levels classes are for those who have been to at least 3-5 classes already. Our instructors come up with the exercises based on the knowledge and readiness of the actual group that day.

We recommend to join intermediate/advanced classes after a minimum of  10 classes.

F2 Pilates Stúdió

Classic Reformer

In these classes we practice mainly the classical Reformer Pilates exercises in flow format.

Functional Reformer

Functional Reformer classes are a bit more dynamic. The classes are made of 4-5 blocks of exercises focusing on different muscle groups. If you like music during classes, this is for you !

F2 Pilates

Dynamic / Cardio

In this class by using the jumpboard accessory, we aim for higher intensity, more calorie burning and even fuller movement of the body. We recommend to join this class if you have already been to 3-5 Functional classes. 

F2 Pilates Stúdió

Customized private or duo classes

These classes  for the moment are only available in a limited amount, for more information, please call or text to us via email or social media.

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