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Jakab Rebeka

Rebeka Jakab

Sport has been part of my life since I was a kid. I truly believe that if we find our right sport activity, the "must" easily becomes a hobby, which motivates and recharges you both physically and mentally. Reformer pilates gave me the opportunity to develop those so called smaller muscles, which play a key role in keeping our healthy posture but also significantly improve performance.

Reformer Pilates is a perfect choice for all age and gender, everyone can find the class which suits her/him the best.

Looking forward to seeing you in my classes!

Szénási Niki

Niki Szénási

Sports have been always playing an important role in my life, but with Pilates I have only met as an adult. For me Pilates is a very precise form of connecting our mind and body. By practicing regularly, our quality of movements and body awareness can be improved extremely effective, so it can be a real help in our every day life.

In my classes I would like to pass over to you the love of movement, since on the longterm we can only keep up a regular activity if we enjoy it.

Looking forward to see you !


Susi Zolcer

Pilates has been part of my life for more than 15 years. At first I only spent a few hours per week practicing it, but I soon realized that it is much more than a regular sport activity.

It gave me inspiration and motivation to show its many positive physical and mental benefits as an instructor to other people. I would like to show all how to be stronger, how to increase endurance and flexibilty, while also building body awareness .I am also a practising holistic health coach and therefore I believe that our health is influenced by not only of the physical, but also the mental and emotional wellbeing. Holistic approach helps to see the connection between lifestyle, nutrition, emotional state and health.

By helping people discover their inner strenght and harmony, I find true value and joy in my work.

Bábszky Zsófia

Zsófia Bábszky

Sport is a major part of my life. I have done professional dancing from my childhood and by now I am teaching it. I have graduated from the Hungarian University of Sport Science as regular and special education coach/teacher. After teaching some years, I am back now to complete a PhD course.

I have been practising mat pilates for quite a while, reformer I only met 1.5 years ago, but it quickly became passion. I am recommending it to all age groups since the classes are diverse and almost never the same.

What I like the most about reformer pilates is that during the classes I can completely shut off the outer world and pay attention only to myself. I would love to pass over this knowledge and mindset to my guests.

Looking forward to see you in one of my classes.

Csenge Nagy

What does reformer pilates mean to me ?

With only 1 hour of activity we can work on almost all our muscles. It strengthens and tones you while also stretches and it improves your endurance and balance to help you in your everyday life.

Already the first occasion for me was game changing, I knew immediately that this is my sport. Finally it is not a "must" to go the the class, I just can't wait to be there. This is the mindset I would like to pass on to my guests: when they think of the pilates class, it should be a loved hobby and a recharging activity, after which they can say that they have done something for their goals, let it the health, general good feeling or the dreambody.

I will be waiting for you with great mood, high energy level and full attention!

Looking forward to see you in one of my classes. 🥰

Pintér Anett

Anett Pintér

I am Anett Pintér, yoga and Pilates instructor. I believe that we need to take good care of our body as well as our soul and mind and Pilates can help you reach this harmony.

My goal as in instructor is to show to many guests how to simultaneously recharge both your body and your soul. In the reformer pilates classes we focus on strengthening the core muscles, but also on mobilization, stretching, improving balance and body awareness and to learn the right breathing technique.

What you will definitely experience: toned muscles, improving body posture, endurance, coordination, flexible and healthy body and last but not least a calmer mind!

Looking forward to see you in my classes!

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